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Workforce Housing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

CT Housing Partners created the Workforce Housing Program because of the high demand for affordable housing in Stamford and Connecticut.

This program is designed to accommodate moderate-income families and provides affordable studio, one-, or two-bedroom apartments.

Due to the high demand for Below Market Rate (BMR) and the low supply available, this program is conducted by waitlist.

All workforce housing units abide must by the rules given by each specific building.

Families who meet the income eligibility criteria and pass the background check are eligible for the program.

Maximum income eligibility is listed on the site with the corresponding building.

If you exceed the maximum income, you will be ineligible for the program.

If you currently live in a BMR unit an exceed the income limit you will be given the option to stay and pay Market Rate or you will be asked to move and provide the building you reside in along with CT Housing Partners of your vacate date.

In the top menu of this site, go to “Properties > Workforce Housing” and select the building you are interested in applying for, and a link for the application will be available if the building is currently accepting applications.

Once you fill out the application, return it with your application fee and required forms listed on the application to

ATTN: Mark Minor

21 Station Rd, Wilton, CT 06897

Phone: (203) 400-5278


Applications must include all the required information to be accepted and added to the list when received.

Because of high demand there is no estimate of how long you could be on a waitlist.

It is normal to be on the waiting list for a few years.

We will contact you when you are approaching the top of the list when a unit is available to see if you are still interested and verify your information.

We do not update you regularly about your position on the list if you do happen to move up on it. If you would like to know your position on the list, you can email for an update.

We will use the information provided to calculate your projected income for the upcoming year from employment and assets.

All adults in the unit age 18 and up income will be calculated.

Maximum Income Limits for Workforce Housing Units

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