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Please Donate To Our Rent Bank

COVID-19 has created a dire emergency for many of our residents who have lost their jobs and cannot pay their rent. They have been living paycheck to paycheck and have no cash reserve.

Please help us during this crisis so our residents can avoid eviction and homelessness.

The CHP Rent Bank, a Rental Assistance Program, was created to aid our residents through unexpected financial hardships: a job loss, death of a wage earner or medical situation. Without this program, families and individuals could lose their housing. COVID-19 has created a dire financial crisis for many of our low-income residents and they are now unable to pay their rent due to escalated job losses. Rent Bank assistance covers the tenant portion of the monthly rent for a coverage period of 3 months.

COVID -19 has caused most small businesses, restaurants, salons, bars, dry-cleaners and retail establishments in Connecticut to close without a plan to re-open. CHP’s Property Management Team has been instructed to work with these struggling residents as soon as they indicate there is a problem. The Governor of Connecticut has forced non-essential people to stay home and not go to work.

Through the Rent Bank, we will offer temporary subsidized rent relief for low income seniors and families in CHP properties who are struggling to pay their rent. CHP, with the help of the Resident Coordinator, will offer mandatory counseling to all Rent Bank residents during this unpredictable economic period. We will be interfacing with residents to help them budget effectively during this crisis and direct them to job placement resources and food assistance programs.

The goal is to help prevent housing displacement and avoid eviction and homelessness. The Rent bank was designed to keep homes stable. CHP recognizes that being in safe and stable housing benefits both parents and children for a lifetime, improving their overall well-being, health education, and future employment opportunities – outcomes that strengthen our communities.

We need your help. Please DONATE today.

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