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The health and sustainability of Connecticut Housing Partners and our mission to provide affordable housing to low-income families depend on us getting highly qualified and enthusiastic people to serve on our non-profit board.

We are looking for leaders who have skill sets and perspectives that align with CHP’s strategies, goals, and needs – not just now but into the future. The top individuals will have the right blend of skill sets, expertise, community connections, diverse perspectives, and the passion to help people in our communities find stability in their lives and help our mission to end homelessness.

We are in search of Financial Experts, who have the expertise in reviewing and interpreting financial information and understanding complex financial reports. This will aid in strategic planning and decision-making.

We are also searching for Marketing Experts who understand effective branding and communications and help the board think about CHP’s brand and identity as part of our overall strategy and improve outreach.

Real Estate Experts are needed to provide knowledgeable expertise in commercial real estate and provide skillful opinions in significant real estate decisions, such as a capital campaign or major asset management evaluations.

Help in the Fundraising process, by identifying potential donors, building relationships, spreading awareness, and talking to people about Connecticut Housing Partners.

We are seeking Board members who have a passion for Connecticut Housing Partners’ work and are committed to helping us reach our mission to fight homelessness and our vision to “Build and transform lives.”

To learn more about joining the CHP Board, please contact our Board Recruitment Team:

Theresa Korin:
Stephanie Ross:

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