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We’re planning lots of great things at CHP, and we’d love for you to join us. Partners is more than just part of our new name, it’s a recognition that together we can create and maintain better affordable housing communities that serve residents throughout the state: families, seniors, and those needing supportive services to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. A home can make an enormous difference in a person’s life. By building and managing safe, decent and affordable homes, we’re building and transforming lives.

We welcome and value new partnerships on every level: from strategic collaborations for large-scale real estate developments to service-providers and volunteers who daily give their time and energy to support our individual residents. And of course we couldn’t do it without our funders and donors.

Here are a few ways to contribute today:


It’s more than just a cute piggy bank… these little pigs have a bigger purpose. Up for adoption for a contribution of $30, each bank will help keep a resident housed in times of hardship. Studies reveal that 30% of Americans have no emergency savings and 47% have less than 3 months of savings, meaning that many of our families live paycheck to paycheck and are not equipped to handle emergencies that result in loss of income. CHP’s new rent bank, fueled by piggy-power donations, helps families gain stability and prevent eviction during crisis. The banks are already a big hit. Debuted at CHP’s second annual bowl-a-thon, the banks raised nearly $1500. If you are interested in adopting a piggy bank to help residents stay housed during times of crisis, please use the link below to donate $30. After donating, please send an email to so we can arrange to mail you the bank.




We’re gearing up to purchase a bus (or two) and inviting our vendors and corporate partners to help us get rolling. Each 14 – 15 passenger bus will expand programming at our elderly-only developments, giving our residents opportunities to get out and about for social and recreational activities, a proven benefit to longevity. With a donation of $5,000, you’ll be a part of building thriving communities, and your brand — emblazoned on the side of our bus — will gain traction around town. And with a contribution of $25,000, your logo will get a bus of its very own, with permanent advertising on all four sides.




From sorting recycling to assisting with resident activities, volunteers bring energy that makes an impact. Our volunteer program isn’t limited to a few roles or positions; it seeks to match the interest and skills of any volunteer with the needs of our residents and communities. If you over 12 years of age and have time to contribute, we’d love to welcome you to our communities.



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